Fashion Design Workshops

The time and place to roll up one's sleeves and put the passion for design to work is here.

Every January, March, and August, SoFA Design Institute offers 4 to 8-session modules on Fashion and Interior Design. Whether for initial or complementary training, participants expand their skills in varied design and technical disciplines.



Fashion Upcycling: A Step Towards Sustainability

A billion tons of clothing end up in landfills yearly. Many designers from different fields of the fashion industry are focused on addressing this issue by making conscious choices and incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their brands.

In this practical and creative course, participants will learn the "second life movement" or how to create one-of-a-kind clothing garments that are sustainably made by giving life to old pieces.

With the use of preloved clothing, participants will learn design principles and easy-to-learn sewing techniques to make a unique piece of upcycled clothing. Participants will be guided and taught skills needed to design and create ideas based on deconstruction and reconstruction techniques. A talk on the significance of Upcycling and Sustainability will be given by Prince Jimdel Ventura, Spokesperson for Fashion Revolution Philippines. They will conclude the course with completed items of clothing as well as technical files of samples that they may use for future projects.

Schedule: October 15, 2022 - November 19, 2022 | Saturday | 12:00 NN - 2:00 PM

Fee: PHP 6,500

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Introduction to Fashion Construction

Introduction to Fashion Construction is the introductory workshop that teaches students the fundamental processes behind the creation of garments. It teaches students the basics of sewing by familiarizing them with the sewing machine, basic sewing exercises, and the process of taking correct body measurements and translating them to drafted patterns. These patterns, in turn, will be used to cut fabric pieces which will be sewn together into creating a simple fashion project. The first three sessions focus on the creation of a roll-up case while the last three sessions guide students in the creation of a simple skirt.

Schedule: November 5 - December 10, 2022 | Saturday | 12:00 NN - 3:00 PM

Fee: PHP 12,500

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Introduction to Fashion Design

Introduction to Fashion Design is a foundational workshop that aims to train individuals to think as creative designers. It is also a platform for students to immerse themselves in the SoFA way of thinking and designing. This workshop guides creatives to dive into their identities as the primary source of their inspiration to design fashion.

For each meeting, a design session will be required of students who in turn, will be given critique by the instructor. Feedback shall likewise be given to other students, which ensures that students are properly guided in their lessons.

Schedule: October 15 - November 26, 2022 | Saturday | 12:00 NN - 3:00 PM

Fee: PHP 12,500

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Introduction To Bag Design & Construction

Introduction To Bag Design & Construction is the introductory workshop that teaches students the fundamental processes behind the creation of basic bags. It teaches students the fundamentals of paper mock-up, pattern- making and actual bag-making. The six sessions will be divided into four (4) main bag projects – Tote, Hobo, Saddle, and Bucket. To conclude the workshop, the instructor will deliver a lecture and guide students in exercises on bag costing.

Schedule: October 8 - November 19, 2022 | Saturdays | 9:00 AM - 12:00 NN

Fee: PHP 12,500

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The Basics of Personal Branding and Imaging

The Basics of Personal Branding and Imaging is a workshop that seeks to help individuals to create a compelling personal brand. Specifically, this is crafted to support fashion professionals in establishing their own brands in the context of the fashion industry. This workshop gives special emphasis on how to adapt to the circumstances surrounding the fashion environment in a post-pandemic world.

Schedule: October 13, 2022 - November 17, 2022 | Thursdays | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Fee: PHP 12,500

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Introduction to Personal Fashion Styling

As the world becomes more digital, the personal image becomes an important component in distinguishing oneself professionally. There is a need to understand how to improve one’s way of dressing and how to determine one’s personalized fashion expression. This course aims to provide a firm grasp of the basic principles of personal fashion styling. Each session will discuss important aspects of how to dress oneself and ultimately, will guide participants to find their best looks.

Schedule: January 14, 2023 - February 18, 2023 | Saturday | 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Fee: PHP 12,500

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Fashion and The City

Explore the city of Manila from a designer's perspective by experiencing the metropolitan using a contemporary lens that is distinctly fashion and design.

Your view of the city will change and start seeing it as a place of research opportunities and fashion inspiration. Together, we will explore various diverse designers, new collections, and the retail scene.

Participants will be immersed in the design process and undertake individual projects to generate research for design inspiration.

To conclude, the workshop participants will present a mood sculpture that showcases their design identity via SoFA Method.

Schedule: October 22, 2022 - December 10, 2022 | Saturday | 12:00 NN - 3:00 PM

Fee: PHP 14,500

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Upon completing a workshop, students will gain introductory skills and knowledge that will serve as foundation for further education or personal practice.


Tuition ranges from approximately PHP 4,500 to PHP 15,000 depending on the workshop topic and scope. Each workshop spans to about 4 - 8 weeks.

Applications open for 1st Semester S.Y. 2023 - 2024 that begins this August.

Take the lead towards a life in design. The semester begins this August 2023.