Senior HighSchool Arts & Design Track

The SoFA Design Institute Senior High School provides an exciting venue for aspiring young artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Our accredited 2-year Arts & Design program offers tomorrow's creative leaders an early start on their individual journeys of self-discovery. Our learner-centered program is led by experienced faculty who are respected professionals in their respective fields. Our teachers are experienced in challenging students to evolve and strengthen their unique identities.

Much of this work is performed through the integration of two areas of concentration: general education and design studies. These disciplines are further fused within our Integrated Lab - where academic, social and scientific values are blended into a singular basis for meaningful creative action.


Aside from our experienced faculty, who nurture our students through one on one, personalized education and consultation, the SoFA SHS Program emphasizes meaningful creative work that can be applied to their own and their community’s needs. This is achieved via the integration of general education subjects with arts and design, through extensive curriculum development, planning and collaboration between teachers.

Lessons are taught through the SoFA Method —a systematic educational process which encourages participants to build beautiful yet practical solutions to issues ranging from the personal to the global.

With the SoFA Method, our program is delivered in a pioneering modular format, unique to SoFA SHS. To increase student engagement and concentration, term subjects are delivered in two separate modules. With only 5 - 6 subject areas to concentrate on for each module, instead of the usual 10 - 12 subjects in the traditional curricular format, SoFA students are able to gain more in-depth knowledge and insight through this distilled quick-fire format. With fewer subjects to focus on at any one time, students are able to perform to the best of their ability, while affording our faculty the capability to hone their skills further at a more personalized level.

With each class section kept to only a maximum of 15 students, we ensure the highest level of quality in lesson delivery and assessment.

For 2nd Semester S.Y. 2022-2023, this program will be delivered through the SoFA C.R.E.A.T.E. (Collaborative Remote Experience through Art and Transformative Education) Program and through on-campus lectures.



Our SoFA SHS curriculum is meant to forge independent, self-sufficient learners - graduates who think critically, communicate confidently and collaborates gracefully.

Art, design, culture, creative management and other subjects are paired with the sciences, social sciences and courses in physical and emotional development to insure growth of the whole person. While the SHS curriculum is focused around SoFA's unique competencies in Fashion, Interior Design, Architecture and Multimedia Arts, learners are also always encouraged to explore other fields of interest. Upon completion of the program students will retain a tangible record of their time at SoFA- via a visual portfolio which will document their work, dreams and accomplishments - culminating in an art exhibition and presentation.


Fees for the 2nd Semester S.Y. 2022-2023 are currently being assessed.

Contact our admissions office for updated fees at

Approximately PHP 222,575 per semester - based on the prescribed curriculum and course load. Payment options are available.

Applications open for 2nd Semester S.Y. 2021-2022

Find some inspiration to navigate this new world. The 2nd semester S.Y. 2021-2022 starts March 2022.